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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Hurricane Isaias

As mentioned in my previous post, we were in OBX this past week. When we left for OBX last Saturday, it was projected that Hurricane Isaias would hit Hatteras and Outer Banks. In fact, we thought we may have to evacuate OBX and drive back to Wilmington on Sunday. Well, the hurricane changed course a few times and ended up hitting Wilmington.

One of our sweet neighbors texted Jake Tuesday morning to let us know that a tree was down and on our house. Jake asked another friend to check it out. We ended up having a crew get most of the tree off of the roof and another friend tarp up the 3-4 holes in our roof.  Part of the down tree was on the power line so that was another issue.

Here is our house when we arrived back home on Thursday evening:

On Friday, we worked, from after lunch until dinner, cutting branches and hauling limbs to the front.