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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Week TEN of Covid-19

Our highlights from the week:

MONDAY we had a Mexico Party - see full post with details HERE.

It was a really rainy week, so TUESDAY afternoon we played some games and ate popcorn, one of our favorite snacks around here.

In between all the raindrops, we drove over to explore the NHC Arboretum. The gardens were especially beautiful right after the rain and on an overcast day.

Once again on WEDNESDAY, we had drawing with Miss Welsh. This week was mermaids, dragons and unicorns which just so happens to be a few of our favorite things!

Notice the rain on the driveway. The rain kept coming off and on all day, but we played in our driveway and even caught a baby frog.

Last Saturday morning all the kids helped Jake clean out our crawlspace under the house. We had a vapor barrier installed on THURSDAY under the house. Jake paid Lily & Ella $10 each for helping the whole time. Benny & Wren earned $5. It saved us $700 to do it ourselves, minus the $30 Jake paid the kids. That was worth it! We let the kids spend their money they earned. The each had saved all their Christmas money for our Africa trip, which has been delayed to a later date, not sure when that trip will happen. So we let them pick something out online and use their earned money plus some of their Christmas money to purchase one thing. That was exciting!
Ella & Wren spent their money on umbrella strollers for their babies. In between all the rain we have taken them to our little park for walks and it has been fun!

Lily spent the money she earned on Plus-Plus Blocks.

Benny spent his money on a new LEGO boat set.

Thank Goodness It's FRIDAY - the sun made an appearance all day and we hit the pool for hours!

Monday, May 18, 2020

La Hacienda

As mentioned in my previous post, Jake & I were to be in Mexico this week. We are home, of course, just like the rest of the world.  I thought it'd be fun to bring Mexico here with the kids. Tonight we **surprised** daddy with La Hacienda, the name of the Mexican themed dinner restaurant at the resort, here at home. The kids loved the idea. They helped out with the plans (setting the table, making flags and picking out what dress Mom should wear) and preparing the meal (planning the taco bar and chopping all the toppings). We all really enjoyed it.
The kids were big helpers.  
And I was shocked these dresses, from our 2018 Mexico trip, still fit them.

Our Menu

The kids drew the flag of Mexico for decor

 THIS SONG is played before every activity or show at the resort. 
We also had mariachi band music playing in the background during dinner.

Although it'd be so great to be basking in the sun in Mexico right now, we are thankful to be home with our kids, and that we are all healthy & safe. We still wanted to celebrate all of Jake's hard work at My Employees this past year. We are proud of him!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Date Night

At breakfast this past Monday, Jake announced that a friend was coming over on Sunday to watch the kids and we were going on a date! YES - we have not been on a date since February 28. And haven't had time away from the kids since their last day of school on March 13. I was so excited!

We had thought we would be flying to Mexico the morning of May 17, for another Champion's Trip with My Employees.  This would have been our fourth year going and to the same resort - Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya. Our favorite dinner restaurant is Ginger and their sushi bar. So for our date tonight, we picked up sushi and ate it on the Downtown Riverwalk. It was so nice to have some time together. I just absolutely LOVE this guy!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

This week I started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl, to the kids.  We all really enjoyed the book and decided to make a fun week out of it with corresponding activities! Here are the edited photos that were on our Instagram story:

Finishing up the last 2 chapters on Friday afternoon

The kid's masterpieces

Friday, May 15, 2020

Week NINE of Covid-19

Another post of our highlights from this week:

MONDAY morning these two came out saying "we're twins!" They picked out their own clothes, dressed themselves and there you have it.

We finished up our school work in the morning, packed a picnic and headed to the carnivorous garden. It was fun learning about Venus flytraps and how they are native to our region. Afterwards we stopped by Empie Park to ride our scooters & skateboards.

Twinning again on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the support staff, at My Employees, was awarded CORONA CREW awards. This is Jake's first week back in his new office at HQ.

Drawing cars with Miss Welsh. 
After the drawing class we headed over to the Cross City Trail, near Randall Parkway, to walk-scooter-skateboard and explore. We also packed a snack, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and read a bunch of chapters.

Thursday zoom call with cousin Margot

Friday was a beautiful day. We talked Daddy into only working a half day. Jake came home after lunch and we headed up to Onslow Beach for the afternoon. A really fun afternoon for everyone!

Friday was also our fun Charlie & the Chocolate Factory movie night. All that fun deserved a separate post. Read about all the details HERE.