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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sleep over at OUR house!

Last night we had Micah (age 6) & Laci (age 4) spend the night. Their Dad, Pastor Dave, is the Youth Pastor at Grace. Pastor Dave was out speaking at The Anchorage all week & Jenny wanted to go with him. We said OF COURSE we would take the kiddo's.

Highlight of the night:
I had put the kids to bed shortly after we got home from church (around 9). A few minutes after, Laci came out because the flashlight was broken. Then a few minutes after that, Micah came out because his front tooth was really loose. It was only hanging by one thread. It wasn't going to make it til morning or thru the school day tomorrow so. . . Micah asked Mr. Jake to pull it.
Now Micah is missing BOTH front teeth. I couldn't get a toothless smile out of Micah this morning. Maybe tonight at supper.