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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Coffee Date

Saturday morning we had a 2 hour delay to WCA Soccer League due to rain. The second Saturday in a row with rain! Jake & I took advantage of it and went to Cuppy's Coffee for a breakfast date. It was so nice to enjoy coffee & a muffin together. We talked while working on a crossword puzzle from the paper--it's still only half-way done. The best part was that our coffee & muffins were FREE! Yay for coupons. We received this coupon in a new move-in packet. We also used another coupon for 3 FREE movie rentals from Hollywood Video. What's better to do on a rainy Saturday than to relax with the one you love & watch movies? :)


Uh, I don't think that coupon was really for you guys - it says "Tuttles" on it. Way to mooch on your family's coupon, guys.
That would be due to how incredibly LONG it takes to get your name changed. It took nearly 2 months til we received our marriage certificate! :) We used another coupon we had on Saturday. It's been fun.