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Saturday, February 7, 2009

So Long to a Good Friend

My car, affectionately referred to as "the grape", DIED on my birthday--Friday morning, January 16. I went to start it up & nothing happened. Then I tried again & the car "started," but it was screaming (kind of sounded like a train and like it might blow up!). I turned off the car, took the keys out & it still sounded like it was running. Very strange! It didn't totally shut off for 5 minutes. Then when Jake came to pick me up, something was still running, so he unhooked the battery.
Jake & I decided that the car wasn't going to last much longer. Instead of putting more money into it, we decided to sell it AS IS & buy something else. Jake listed the car on Craig's List just a few days after it died. Today, it sold!

I am so sad to see it go. We have such fond memories. . .
  • Being rear-ended multiple times-too many times to recall. This car just wouldn't die!
  • Being falsely arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.
  • Surviving MAJOR hail damage this past May. After the hail damage, "the grape" became "the raisin."
  • Driving away from Jake & my wedding and taking the car cross-country to NC.


hey... don't forget to add to the list the time those 2 drunk guys were about to jump into the back seat of your car when we stopped at that stop light on 101! That was crazy! You just floored it and ran the light. I have great memories in the grape (NOT that one!) lol... I'm glad it's in a better place!
Yeah, like all those trips to the Buffalo Nickel! Those were the days. :)