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Saturday, January 31, 2009


DRUM ROLL . . . . .
as of last night, January 30,
LUKE - my (2 day younger) cousin,
groomsman in our wedding

JESS - my friend, former roomate & Maid of Honor;
Jake's sister & my sister-in-law

LUKE & JESS - are ENGAGED to be married!!!

Jess & I were roommates for 2 years in MN. We became close friends. During those two years as roommates, Jess would occasionally mention how I should meet her brother, Jake. Jess (and the other Flaming sisters) would also mention this to Jake. I would in turn say how Jess should meet my cousin, Luke. Luke & I are only 2 days apart. We grew up together in PA thru 3rd grade. Then we attended college at BJU.

SOOO . . . last fall Jess's set up of Jake & I finally worked. Jake & I began talking in September & you all know the rest. After we became engaged (January 18, 2008-which is also Luke's birthday), Jake & I started asking our bridal attendants. Once Jess & Luke accepted, I knew i had to start working harder on this set up. I would regularly (not at all subtly) mention my SINGLE cousin, Luke, to Jess. I would also call Luke & tell him to get on this & start talking to/facebooking with Jess. They met each other at the wedding & the rest is history.

The matchmaking went full circle. We are so excited for them! CONGRATULATIONS Jess & Luke!


what a great story!! :) I love match making success stories. Congrats to them!!
Meg, I can't believe you called her your "Made" of honor! And to think that your dad has something to do with teaching and school and all that book learning stuff!