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Monday, April 27, 2009

Youth Activity

Friday evening we went to a Kinston Indians game with some of the high schoolers from the youth group. This is my first baseball game this season; quite the difference from the MANY MN Twins games that I would go to last year. It was a fun game & the kids really seemed to enjoy it.
I did bring our camera, but i forgot to get it out & take a picture of our group. (typical of me)
Saturday we went to the beach; we stayed out in the sun a little too long. ouch! Saturday evening we went to Port City Chop House with some friends. The food was amazing and the time with our friends was great.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Happenings

This morning, Jake & I met our friends, Josh & Taryn, at The Coastline, where they are having their wedding reception. There wedding is May 23, 2009. I am helping them with the layout & set up of the reception. The Coastline is beautiful; it's right on the water in downtown Wilmington.

After our meeting at The Coastline, Jake & I walked down the the Farmer's Market. It's not quite as grand as the Minneapolis Farmer's Market, but it was still fun. There was also a car show - Rims on the River.
When we got home, Jake began working on my car. When "the grape" died, we bought this Honda Civic off of Craig's List. The car has some dents & damage. Jake started working on fixing those today. The plan is that he'll get it all fixed, sanded & primed. Then we will take it to Maaco for the paint job. We're thinking black. I need to get OUT of the purple-red family. Now we're off to judge art for the Elementary State Fine Arts competition.
AND WE'RE BACK. . .from nearly 5 hours of judging elementary art. yowza! It was fun though.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Before & After

I have been looking for a chair, for our built-in desk, since September. Jake is on Spring Break this week & did a little thrift store shopping. He found this chair yesterday & showed me a picture of it on his phone. It's amazing how I've been looking for months & he finds one in two days!
Unbeknowst to me, Jake went back to the thrift store & bought this chair this morning. After purchasing the chair, he repainted it, recovered the chair (which included shopping for fabric at JoAnn Fabrics) & had it all done by the time I got home from work today.
close-up of the fabric

I guess the Easter bunny came a little early this year. ;)

Monday, April 6, 2009

the HOUSE hunt

3rd house's the charm...

Here's the floorplan of the house.

We are looking at closing May 15, and we will then take our time moving in (late June). Plenty of time to get everything cleaned, painted, and in some cases, changed.

(Posted by Jake)

Meg drew up this floor plan. It's not to scale, but you can get a good idea of the layout.