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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Purging & Organizing

Last night, Jake (of HIS own free will) asked me to help him weed out clothes in his closet. I exstatically said YES! Jake still had clothes from PCC (college & masters) which has been 3+ years ago. These clothes included polyester suit coats & full suits, jackets & MANY ties. Jake told me to go through his ties & pick out 10 of the ugliest to donate to the thrift store.
These are the ten ties i picked, in a pile, on the floor.
This is Jake begging & bartering (while we were both laughing hysterically) to keep a few of the ties that I had picked to donate. He told me to carefully count ("since God is watching") to make sure that i didn't have more than 10. I counted & i only had 9 - sweet i can pick one more!
The finished product. All his ties organized, by color, in a shoe box. This shoe box was exploding prior to Friday night.


SO FUNNY!!! Matt still has stuff from H.S. OH Man!!!
that is awesome, maybe you can come to our house!