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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Senior Trip to NYC

Last week Jake went to NYC with the WCA Seniors. Jake is one of the Senior class advisors. Originally, I was going to go too, but due the family wedding next weekend, we decided it was best that I stay home and work. I missed Jake LOTS, but he had a great time (and I am SoOoO glad he is back home). Here are a few highlights from the trip:
NY Yankees game in the brand new stadium.
Many, many subway rides (Jake has some funny stories about the subway rides).
Seeing Jerry Seinfeld & Joe Namath at a fundraiser on Ellis Island.
The Statue of Liberty. They also went to see the Today Show, Central Park, Broadway and saw Phantom of the Opera, and Times Square. You can see more pictures from Jake's week on Facebook.

Another highlight was Jake stopping a robbery on Monday night! Here is the story:
Jake & the seniors arrived safely in NYC Monday around 7pm. They took the Amtrak from Raleigh. Jake said that they got in at Penn Station & had to walk ONE block to the subway station. They were taking the subway to their hotel in Brooklyn. Anyway, in that ONE block walk Jake stopped a robbery! Jake said that there were vendors set up selling bags, etc. Jake saw a guy walk buy a vendors stand (the vendor was not paying attention) and steal a bag. The "bad" guy was walking toward Jake quickly. He was already 10 feet away form the vendor. Jake took the bag from the guy & gave it back to the vendor. Apparently the "bad" guy told Jake that he was friends with the vendor & wasn't stealing it. This all took place in about 10 seconds.
Jake was in the back of the group so none of the seniors saw it. They all thought that he was lying when he told them. Now the seniors think he is a superhero (psssst-so do I)!