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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Around the House on a Saturday

Jake & I are staying in town this holiday weekend. We still have a list of little things to get done around the house and yard. We do realize that this list will be never ending. . .welcome to home ownership!
Jake got up & started edging the sidewalk on the north side of our house. I ran to the store to get some grocery's and then started painting this tile-top table. It was a pastel green. I taped it off & started painting.
Done. I painted it the blue we had in our main bathroom at the condo (Martha Stewart - Summer Cottage). Love it!
While I was working inside, Jake & Adam were working outside. They took out at least 5 trees in our yard.
Trip #2 with the branches & clippings.
Jake & I stacked up the wood from the trees that were cut down. Now we have wood in our fireplace & a woodpile out back. Can't wait for a fire this winter.