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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Uses for Fence Pickets

How many things can you build with old fence pickets? Glad you asked! Last summer we ripped out a fence in the back yard & saved all the pickets. So far Jake has made:
  1. Shelving & a Work Bench for our Back Shed (see pics on facebook)
  2. Shelving for our Laundry Area (see pics on facebook)
  3. A Table (see below picture)
  4. And the current project is. . . . . ADIRONDACK CHAIRS!
Jake found a plan for building adirondack chairs here. And we started the construction.

Cutting the pieces:
(See the table Jake built last summer with fence pickets.)

Sanding the pieces:

Assembling the Chairs:

Waiting for Seats:

Next Steps will be priming the wood & painting them red.
Will post a final picture soon.


oh. my. goodness!!! those are amazing. I knew you guys would use every last picket very wisely. great job!
way too resourceful, I seriously can't believe jake built those, super cool! LOVE the red, a lot!!!