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Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Flaming's Room

The baby's room is as done as it is going to get until we meet him/her. I am not really doing much with the walls until we know if it's a boy or girl.
We can't wait to meet this little one!

See crib before & after HERE.

See rocker before & after.
I still need to print off pictures for the frame on the wall.

These little wooden shoes were given to my parents when I was born. They say my name, birth date and weight on them. My mom gave them to me at Christmas.

See story on this quilt HERE.

A dear friend, from MN, sent us this art for the baby's room. We LOVE it.

Remember THIS?

We added more shelves to the lockers since we aren't using a dresser. It's perfect for storage.

Found this at a yard sale on Saturday for $2.

See window treatment HERE.

SHOES - I've hit the jackpot at a couple of yard sales recently. Most of these shoes I paid 25 or 50 cents a pair!

CLOTHES - We have a few newborn things in boy & girl. Some of the older sizes were given to us or yard sale finds. We have lots of gender neutral sleepers hanging in the back. Everything is all washed & ready to go!

Our hospital bags are initially packed. We still need to throw in all the last minute items.


I've been LOOKING for this post! I enjoyed pouring over every pic. Thanks for sharing. Everything looks so good. exciting. Exciting. EXCITING!!! That pat-a-cake sampler is darling. It looks like Buffalo Nickle or Calico Barn? am I right?
Looks like y'all are about ready! Everything looks really great!
Beth, you'd have to ask Rhonda. I'm not sure where she got it, but you're right. It looks like Buffalo Nickle, Calico Barn or the Round Barn.
I've been waiting for this one too. Now we're just waiting for the baby post!!! Soon enough.
Love it! I'm especially glad to see that the books and shoes are all ready to go!