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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Before & After - high chair

We chose not to get a high chair for Lily. We ended up using the Bumbo & then moved her straight to a booster seat. It worked out well. The main reason we didn't purchase a high chair is because all the new ones are HUGE & BIG & BULKY. We do not have a garage or a basement but, we do have a small attic for storage. Therefore, we are very limited on space & storage.

Originally, when we were looking for a high chair, we were looking at thrift stores & yard sales for a small, collapsable, retro one. We found one 2 weeks ago at the Salvation Army. And was only $2.99. Here are some BEFORE pictures:


Jake took apart & scrubbed on the chair. He removed a lot of dirt, rust & repainted the metal seat white. I made a slip cover for the back. It ties on at the bottom. I will then be able to remove it & throw it in the washer. I made an envelope closure on the bottom cushion so I can remove that & wash it too.

And the main selling point... it collapses & will fit in our hall closet.


yet another reason we are friends :) LOVE it! Great find. GREAT job making it clean and "new"!
very cute
Nice Job!! It looks great!