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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturdays at OUR house

First of all this doesn't happen EVERY Saturday (however, I do try to make breakfast at least one day out of the weekend), but this is what we did today.

I found this recipe for "homemade" donuts HERE via Pinterest.
Very easy, quick & yummy. I will be making them again soon.

Lily got up & came to "help" me in the kitchen.
She & Daddy "help" by eating the donuts faster than I can make them.

I am starting to reorganize closets & most of the house to make room for Baby Flaming. I am needing some storage/organizing stuff for the closets.
We hit up some thrift stores up in Hampstead during the morning. I found a few things, but not what we were looking for. In the afternoon we headed down to Monkey Junction to pick up a file cabinet that I found on Craig's List. Then we decided to stop at Goodwill. We found BUNK BEDS for $42 TOTAL. We will need to buy the mattress set, but this was on THE list. So thankful...we were thinking that we'd have to buy them new come May. Lily will be moving to a twin bed in May. We will just set up the one bed for now & someday set up the bunk beds when they are needed.

I think we wore her out today. We always check on Lily before we head to bed. It is so funny to see her different sleep positions. Here she was tonight.