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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

advent calendar 2012

Remember last year, when I made our advent calendar
Well, last year it was rather difficult to find tiny gifts for each pocket, as well as gifts that didn't cost too much.  This year I decided to do something different for the advent calendar.
 I saw THIS idea on Pinterest & decided to do something similar to fill our advent calendar.
Here are our 25 activities for our advent calendar:

  1. Read "The Secret of the Star"
  2. Play Candyland
  3. Draw pictures & mail to Grandpa & Grandma
  4. Paint Lily & Mommy's toenails
  5. Make popcorn & watch "Charlie Brown Christmas"
  6. Get in the car & go look at Christmas lights
  7. Read "All is Well"
  8. Go get Frosty's at Wendy's
  9. Ride the Polar Express at Mayfaire
  10. Paint a picture with watercolors
  11. Read Luke 2
  12. Go get ice cream at Cold Stone (we have gift cards to use up)
  13. Get out the beads & make a necklace
  14. Get out the jingle bells & sing
  15. Have hot cocoa with marshmellows
  16. Go carol to Papa & Nonnie
  17. Make a Christmas craft with Mom
  18. Go see Santa at Mayfaire
  19. Read "You are Mine"
  20. Make a Christmas tree out of play-dough
  21. Read "A Tale of Three Trees"
  22. Turn on some Christmas music & make latte's once the girls are in bed
  23. Decorate Cookies
  24. Open up the Christmas Eve box
  25. Make Jesus a birthday cake.  Open presents - Merry Christmas!