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Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas in NC

We had such a nice time with my family. It went really quickly, even tho it was 10 days with 9 people in our house.  See my previous post about our night at ANNIE.  
Here a few more pictures from our Christmas in NC:

Lily & Daddy building a fire on Christmas Eve

Lily got roller skates from Auntie out!

The girls with Grandpa & Grandma

All 10 of us (Chris & Lindsay are expecting in June)

Bowling...Lily loved it

Chris & Lindsay & our girls

I just had to document that I bowled a turkey & beat everyone

A HUGE thanks to our family for helping with painting at the new house, watching the girls, the making of many meals, and keeping everything running for 10 days.  Our girls got pretty sick over the holidays (Lily had a 104 fever & an her first ear infection); my mom was a huge help.


I have NO idea how you keep up blogging and do all that you do, but I'm SO thankful you do! I love these updates. It's so hard to summarize 10 days w amazing family, but you did well. I miss you!