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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Before & After - Ella's Room

BEFORE pictures: 
Ella's room is at the end of the hall on the right.  When we bought this home, you had to walk through Ella's room to get to the back of the house (another addition that was their salon, which will eventually be our master suite).   
The doorway into Ella's room is on the left side/corner of the picture.  The white door in the middle of the picture is the door that went back into the salon.  Thankfully this was an "easy fix."  We lengthened the hallway all the way down to that white door & put up a wall in Ella's room.

This picture is taken from standing at the door that goes back into the salon.   By the way, the floor was just the sticky adhesive cheap tiles. Have I said yet that everything was filthy, nasty & kind of smelly.  The house sat empty for at least a year & a half.

A before picture of the hallway.  The hallway ended right after Ella's door into her room.

AFTER pictures:

The wall that the dresser is on is the wall Jake added to lengthen the hallway. 


An old tray that I hung.  I love that its magnetic.

I also LOVE our new doors.  The house had quite the hodge-podge of doors - white ones, wood ones, flat front, 5 panel, 15-light, etc.  We ordered all new doors & they are lovely!

ella taylor

The hallway after is has been lengthened all the way to the door to the back of the house. We will be changing out that door, once we have remodeled the back of the house.

Paint Color for Ella's Room - Valspar Granite Dust 5006-1C
Hallway Paint Color - Valspar Hopsack 3003-10B

PS - We love having the 15-light door on the hallway.  We can close it after the girls are in bed & still see if anyone (i.e. Lily) is out of bed.

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