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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Before & After - Kitchen Pantry

This is the first house, that we have lived in, that has a pantry.  This is one of my favorite things!  In the past I have had to use a cabinet in my kitchen to store food. In our last house, I had my cake plates stored above the kitchen cabinets. Since we have had very limited space, I have not been able to buy in bulk (which can save a lot of money).

BEFORE pictures:  See through the open door at the end of the kitchen?  There was a mudroom/breezeway - not really sure how the former owners used the space.  There was also a doorway from the mudroom into the bathroom (that is the white door in the back middle of the below picture.

Brick stairs up into the kitchen, some shelving & then the doorway into the bathroom. Oh & some really gross blue carpet.  

Drop ceiling - This end of the house is the original garage that they converted into usable space.  They put a drop ceiling in this entire end of the house (den, den bathroom, mudroom).  We took it out, except in the bathroom due to the vent.  That is a project for another day.

AFTER pictures:

We saved some laminate flooring that we ripped out of other parts of the house.  We put it down in the pantry & in the bathroom (which is on the other side of that wall).  In the pantry, we used two separate kinds of flooring to do a stripe look.  We used leftover paint from our former kitchen.

At some point, Jake will be adding one more shelf up where the seam is from the drop ceiling, as well as a shelf above where we walled up the former doorway.

 Behind this chevron door is one of the water heaters.

I found this little shelf at a yard sale for $3.  I have most of my baking stuff on it.  Lily "helps" me bake.

I also like having all my aprons up on hooks.  Easy to grab & use.

"Bake Someone Happy"

Paint Color - Martha Stewart Kyoto Green MS272

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I really like the paint color, and the aprons, oh and the button! :)