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Thursday, January 16, 2014

WDW Marathon Weekend - THE story

Well, here it is, THE WDW Marathon Weekend actual race story. I'm sure you've all been waiting anxiously for this post - ha! Or maybe some of you have already heard?

Let's start back a little ways....back in May of 2013 was when we all (Becky, LeAnn, Hannah & myself) decided to sign up for the WDW Marathon.  The full 26.2 miles. We did the same WDW weekend in January of 2013, but we didn't all run the same race. We decided 2014 was the year.  We would all run it together, not for time, but to do it together.

Leading up to this race, I completed three 20 mile runs.  Becky & Hannah were running the Marine Corp marathon in DC in October, so I did their two 20 mile runs with them.  Why not, right? I figured the more mileage I had under my belt, the better Disney would go. 

Now to the actual race on Sunday. We had hydrated well on Saturday & had a wonderful Saturday night meal to fuel up for Sunday.  Sunday morning we all were feeling good.  Unlike last year, I wasn't one bit nervous.  We left the the house at 4 am.  You were to be in your corrals by 5 am.  Official race start was 5:30 am, but our corral didn't start until 6:15 am.  And we were off, feeling good, enjoying ALL the runners & some of their costumes.  The costumes are crazy, especially to wear while running 26.2 miles.  Some of the costumes aren't so cute or enjoyable to look at. We entered the race track & my stomach was growling.  For the first time I started feeling sort of dizzy & light headed. I thought I just needed fuel.  I grabbed water & PowerAde at the next hydration stop.  It didn't seem to help.  I just kept feeling worse & worse. In hindsight I think I must have been dehydrated for how poorly I felt & what my body was doing.

Around mile 10 I started feeling badly.  I was light headed & nauseous.  I grabbed a banana at the fuel stop. I kept thinking it would help, but it never did.  By the halfway point I was feeling really bad.  I told Jake how bad I felt and he said, "you can do it, you'll be fine."  I think it was after the halfway point that I told Becky & LeAnn I needed to stop & walk.  We kept a fast pace while walking.  After that I tried to run/walk but every time I ran, I felt extremely nauseated.  Of course now I am struggling physically & mentally.  Half the battle to completing a marathon is the mental aspect of continuing when your body is screaming at you to quit!

We ended up run-walking and then walking most of the second half of the marathon.  I can't even remember what mile it was when I told Becky & LeAnn that I couldn't run any more and I was going to have to walk. I would try to run periodically but as soon as I did I was extremely nauseated. I took water at every stop but drinking water made me feel like I might lose it! I asked the girls if the medical stations would have ice that I could eat. Yes, they would for injuries.  Becky ran ahead of us & grabbed the bag of ice. I just kept moving & eating the ice. Towards the end, I didn't feel as sick, but by then my legs were so sore, tired & stiff I could barely run. 

After we hit mile 26, Becky said "okay let's run to the finish."  So we did, once again, I started feeling nauseous.  There I was, probably 10 feet from the finish line & I just couldn't hold it in any longer.  I was right in front of the cheer squad, basically TONS of bleachers FULL of fans. I dry heaved & then lost it.  It was bad.  Not just once, not even twice, but THREE times.  The announcers said, "What's this?  Someone is losing it at the finish line."  Mickey Mouse came over and grabbed my arm & helped me upright.  OH MY! It was bad. Did I say that already? I then crossed the finish with Becky's help & stopped my watch.  A lady on the medical staff was right there.  She had me sit down, in a wheelchair, and drink some water.  After that I got up & felt pretty good. Thankfully, Jake & the girls were waiting around the corner & did not see me in all my glory.  And in case you are wondering, YES the official marathon photographers captured my fine finish as well.  There are many perfect photos for blackmail (dry heaving, mickey mouse & all)!

My actual run is HERE with miles, splits, etc.

All this to say, this was NOT what I trained for.  
This was NOT the type of race I wanted to run. 
This was NOT how I planned my marathon to go, but in the end I FINISHED
And I have a story to tell.

I am so thankful for these girls in my running group.  It is so fun running with them multiple times I week, but I am most thankful for the iron sharpening iron relationship we have.

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.

1 Corinthians 9:24