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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

snow days!

Yesterday was snow day #1 and also Jake's 33rd birthday. It was so fun that he was off of school & could be home for his birthday. What a treat! We didn't have any snow.  It started to rain mid-afternoon and then it turned into sleet.  By 5 pm the roads were starting to get icy.

Today is snow day #2. We woke up to this!

And yes, we were outside before 8am! Lily was so excited. I wish I would have video-ed her initial reaction when I had her come look out the window.

We don't really have snow clothes here.  They are hard to find and not worth purchasing when we only get snow once every few years.  Our last real snow was HERE.
We layered up (tights, socks, pants...shirt, sweatshirt, coat, raincoat...hats, gloves & boots).  It worked, plus the girls don't stay out super long. They get cold quickly.

We use beach toys for snow toys.  Jake even used our boogie board as a sled.

Our Mickey Mouse snowman, complete with seashell eyes & buttons.

Snow day #3 tomorrow (due to icy roads).