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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

k4 at home

We're having fun doing low-key learning at home this year.  We started after Labor Day. I don't have a curriculum, but I have collected some number, letter, color & shapes workbooks.  We have some letter & number flashcards as well as a Bible memory verse book with a verse for each letter of the alphabet. LOVE those verses! We are doing a letter a week, nothing super structured, just getting Lily used to learning & practicing her letters.  We are doing maybe 15-30 minutes a day (sitting down at the island).  Of course we read lots of books all day and do fun things like send pictures to our friends & family whose name starts with the letter we are working on. We also made granola bars, I wrote all the ingredients on our chalk board and then Lily circled all the Ee's in the ingredients we used. We always color & draw pictures! Hard to believe this girl will be off to school next year!
As my mom has reminded me before, the days may be long (especially when they are little), but the years go fast! I'm trying to savor our time together even on the long days.

The other morning Lily said, "Mom, is this how you spell Ella?"  I came over to her paper and found this....pretty good, Ella spelled backwords A-L-L-E.

Lily LOVES to draw & do "crafts."  We go through LOTS of paper & stickers, and she always asks to use scissors and glue.