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Sunday, October 19, 2014


We just had another fun weekend with family here. Auntie Em came to visit this weekend, unfortunately Uncle Jonathan wasn't able to come as he had a golf trip planned.  Auntie Em arrived Thursday evening & stayed until Sunday morning. Here is some of what we did this weekend:

Auntie Em & the girls picking out a pumpkin.

After naps, we got out the dot paint & markers to decorate our pumpkins.  
Note to self: pick up finger paint soon!

Saturday morning Jake & I got up early & left our house at 6 am. We drove to Charlotte to shop at Ikea.  We needed some things for our master bedroom & bathroom remodel. The main thing we needed was a closet system for our bedroom. 

We arrived just before 10 am, when it opened.  We had a list, but we first looked through the showroom then loaded up 1 cart & 2 flatbeds. Yes, seriously! The end result was success....a full van.

We left Ikea just before 1 pm and headed back to Wilmington. While Jake & I were driving and shopping and driving some more, the girls were having a fabulous day with Auntie Em.  Their day included the park, Power of Play and watching Swiss Family Robinson.

Thanks for coming up, Emily.  
This was a huge help & we always love seeing you.