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Friday, December 18, 2015

Before & After: Laundry Room

Well, can I really say it? We did it.... ALL the rooms in our home have been touched & redone.  Of course there is still a short list of little things that need touched up or finished but the BIG LIST is done. We stepped out in faith & purchased this home in October of 2012 and God has truly blessed us in giving us this home.

BEFORE - the original utility room
This is part of the addition that the previous owners put on the home.  You have to walk through this area to get to the former hair salon which is now our master suite.

I forgot how bad this area looked.  A lot of drywall missing, nasty stick-on tiles on the floor, pretty gross wooden steps, and the list could go on & on. We should have taken a picture of the ceiling.  It had random drywall, poor lighting and an attic access that didn't quite close.

AFTER - the laundry room
The awesome door Jake snagged at ReStore.  The door used to be a white metal exterior door. I love how you can shut the door but still see down the hallway to the kids bedrooms. And our pallet wall - love that texture!

Jake built a wall around the water heater & added shelving above for my sewing stuff. The pallet door hides all of that mess. The armoire is my linen closet.

I was given one & bought the other Minneapolis - St. Paul tea towels.  With a simple pallet frame they became art.

We painted the brick wall white to give it a fresh clean look.  I absolutely love it.  I also love all the textures in this room.

We picked up this old side to a crib along the road a few years ago when we were on an anniversary get away.  Painted it, hung it & now I use it to line dry clothes.
Jake gave me this wall decal a few years ago for my birthday.  We finally got it up. Some projects (like this room) took a little while longer to get to than we anticipated.

Beautiful wood stairs that Jake extended so we don't fall off the side when opening the door. Another look at the pallet wall with the door for the HVAC. We decided to paint the concrete floor grey (used up paint from the exterior of the house).  We went back & forth with other ideas, but this was the best option for right now.

My IKEA cart that I use for ironing & sewing supplies with a few pretty details.

One last glance. I am thrilled with how it turned out & ecstatic to not be looking at an unfinished space any longer.

So in all of these Before & After posts I give you paint colors.  Not this one.  We mixed paint from our old master with paint from our new master with paint from the toilet room.  We have so much extra paint it seemed silly to buy another color.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

family Christmas pics

Saturday morning we headed over to a friend's house & snapped some family pictures.  
Here we are, a family of SIX!

 These FOUR keep me busy!

#babyB - 15 months

#babyS - 1 week 

My friend took a bunch of pics of  #babyB & #babyS for their parents.  
We gave them an album of pictures, of their two sweet kids, for Christmas.  Would you pray that they would see & experience Christ's love through this?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

and then there were FOUR

A sweet little girl joined our family Tuesday late afternoon.  #babyS is #babyB's sister.  We have know since June about this and we said we would care for her too if the need arose.  
#babyS was born on Saturday 12/5/2015. 
A little peanut at 6 lb 2 oz and 17.5"
And just like that we have FOUR kids under 5 years old.

Sibling Love

Our sweet new ride. 

Since #babyB & #babyS are less than 15 months apart, I really needed something I could put them both in when we go out.  Let's be real, if I didn't get one, we weren't going out. Last night, we found this for a steal at a local resale shop.

The inspection on Tuesday night after we brought her home.  

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Aunt Anna visits

Aunt Anna came to visit & we packed in some fun over a long weekend.
The fun included Wrightsville Beach, Loop's Donuts, Oceanic Pier, Downtown Wilmington, Islands, the Christmas Parade (not super amazing, but the kids loved it. Lily did keep asking where the big balloons were, she was expecting the Macy's Parade). We also fit in rolling out sugar cookies.