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Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving in Indiana

We DROVE to Indiana to spend Thanksgiving with Aunt Anna and Aunt Bekah.  The drive out went pretty smoothly and quickly, despite 2 kids getting car sick in the mountains of West Virginia.

We love spending time with Anna & Bekah.  Here are some photo highlights:

Breakfast with Aunt Anna's crew at Carmel PD.

Lots of snuggle time.

We met some sweet friends, The Wetterlund's, for lunch on Saturday.

We visited a friend's farm. Currently, Ella wants to be a horse rider so this was great!

Decorating Aunt Anna's home for Christmas, while watching White Christmas.

Pulling his weight.

We had such a fun time in Indiana.  Thanks for having our crew, Anna.
The drive home was LONG, but we made it home safely Sunday night.  We're planning to stay home for a while. No future road trips planned, yet.

Friday, November 11, 2016

San Diego for two

Last week Jake was in San Diego for the Adobe MAX conference.  Last Friday I flew, BY MYSELF, to join him. I am 99% sure I have not flown by myself in over 8 years, when I would fly to NC to visit Jake.  I have not flown without kids in 5 years.  It was amazing and also really weird. I am used to flying with my Mary Poppins bag that is chuck full of play dough, books, toys, crayons and every snack imaginable! So back to San Deigo....I got in around 6pm and we enjoyed dinner at Union Kitchen in the Gaslamp District. We stayed at The Sofia Hotel, where Jake had been all week.  

The next morning we were up 5:15! So we hit St Tropaz Bakery & Bistro at 7am when it opened.  We then took Uber over to Coronado for most of the day. It was beautiful.

It was pretty foggy, but when the fog burned off it was so pretty.  We saw the Hotel Coronado, some amazing sand castles, and walked all over the place (like 8+ miles).

Lunch at Miguel's on Coronado. 

It was so fun (probably the most fun thing) to see my cousins, Greta and Mark, and their sweet families.  We had so much fun catching up and meeting the kids.  Although, once again, it was rather odd to be there with all their kids and have NONE of our kids in tow.  Hopefully soon west coast cousins can meet east coast cousins!

 Sunday morning we slept a little bit longer, not much with Daylight Savings Time, and then headed to Richard Walker's Pancake House. The line was long....

 ...but the baked apple pancake was worth it.

We then took Uber out to La Jolla.  It was beautiful.  The seals were so cool.  We wished the kids were with us to see them in person.  Instead, we sent them a video.

We walked all over La Jolla.  Another 8+ miles.  It was beautiful.  That is Jake on the very tip of that cliff in the below picture.  

We enjoyed a late lunch at The Cottage. That evening we headed out for dessert at Extraordinary Desserts.  

The only redeeming factor for how much food we ate, was how far we walked in San Diego, Coronado & La Jolla. 

Monday morning we grabbed some coffee & pastries at Du-par's and then headed to the airport. It was so nice to getaway and have some uninterrupted time together.   

A HUGE THANKS to two sets of friends who took our kids.  Thank you! Jake & I hadn't done a trip together in 5 years, back when we only had one childI'm sure it's a contentment issue...when you're with our kids you just want a break and then when you're without them you just want them with you.