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Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas at Home 2017

First things first, last night we told the girls they could not wake anyone up until 7am and we had to start the coffee before beginning Christmas. The girls were back in our room at 7:01am. Ha!
We read the Christmas Story from our Jesus Storybook Bible. We love that Bible and how every story, Old & New Testament, points to our Savior, JESUS, the greatest gift of all.

The excitement of gift giving & opening!

We had a brunch, okay it was really just breakfast since it was before 9am, of eggs, bacon and homemade cinnamon rolls. It was a fun, relaxing day playing and enjoying time together. We even had a candlelight dinner with pasta - kids pick! Why not pasta?!? I can make dinner in under 30 minutes and enjoy more time with my family.