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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Aunties come to Wilmington

Auntie Bekah arrived via airplane on Thursday afternoon.

We hit Target and the Post Office on Friday morning to finish up some Christmas shopping.  Benny & Wren enjoyed some hot chocolate. Wren got most of it all over her pants. Ha!

Aunt Anna drove to our house and arrived Friday at 7pm.  She even brought her old baseball and football cards. 

Unfortunately, Ella came home from school Friday afternoon with a fever of 102.  I took her to the doctor Saturday morning and she tested positive for the flu.  Not the fun weekend we had planned, but we hit Walmart for some meds, flu survival and flu prevention supplies.

We did some sugar cookie baking with the aunties.

Despite my best efforts, and all the disinfecting, throughout the weekend more of the kids (and eventually ALL 4 kids) developed fevers and flu symptoms.  Bekah ended up with some sinus stuff too. And Anna had congestion the night before she headed home.

Sunday we celebrated Christmas outside on the porch with our first fire.  It was beautiful.

Monday we celebrated Aunt Bekah's birthday. The girls were home from school due to fevers and the flu.  We tried to make the most of the circumstances.

Thanks for coming to visit Aunt Bekah & Aunt Anna! So sorry we ended up sick and shared our germs.