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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Father's Day REDO 2019

Today, one week later, we did our Father's Day REDO 2019.

Last Sunday we had this cutie with us for the weekend.  We got up, had breakfast together as a family and Jake opened his Father's Day gifts.  We all got ready for church and headed to the 9am gathering. Unfortunately, the stomach bug hit us, rather suddenly, while at the gathering. I (Meg) went out to the van to sit until church was over.  We went straight home after church and then the throwing up began.  I was out for the afternoon.  I felt terrible that I was so sick on Father's Day, but Jake willingly and happily took over everything with all 5 kids.  Later in the afternoon Lily started feeling sick too.  Thankfully it was an under 12 hour sort of stomach bug.  Jake's stomach was upset on Monday. So for all these stated reasons, we did a Father's Day REDO today!

 Here are the TWO pictures we took on actual Father's Day.


Sorry you were sick! Jake just got a chance to mom on Father’s Day 😉🤗