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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Aunt Bekah visits NC

What a great week we had! We are also in week 11 of COVID-19 but it was such a breath of fresh air to have Aunt Bekah here for the week. Life seemed "normal." We had a few days of sunshine and a few days of rain but we made the most of it.

MONDAY we knocked out our school work in the morning and then hit the park before lunch.

After lunch we all headed to the pool for the afternoon.  Bekah needed some sunshine! Ella is perfecting her dive as well as a back flip off the diving board!

TUESDAY Aunt Bekah read ALL the books and played ALL the games with Benny & Wren while the big girls got their school done. THANK YOU BEKAH!

It was a little cooler and rain off and on. We decided Tuesday's forecast looked the best to go see the ocean and beach. We only lasted an hour because it was pretty windy and on the chilly side.

Aunt Bekah brought Dutch Blitz with her and we played it every day, multiple times a day.

WEDNESDAY was cloudy and rainy again. We went to the NHC Arboretum in the morning and also drove by the girls school. Wednesday afternoon the sun peaked out so we walked to a nearby park for a few hours. That evening we ordered takeout from KYOTO GRILL.

THURSDAY was unexpectedly sunny so we went to Wrightsville Beach for the afternoon. It was the perfect temperature with a constant breeze.

FRIDAY morning we made acai bowls for breakfast. They were loved by all. We played Dutch Blitz a few more time and walked at the park. Aunt Bekah had to head to the airport before lunch.

Bekah, THANK YOU for coming to NC to visit out family. It means a lot!