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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Week EIGHT of COVID-19

This Week's highlights:

Monday was absolutely beautiful so I took the kids up to Onslow County Beach which is open for normal beach activities.  Our local beach is only open for swimming, surfing and non-stationary exercise. Also no parking is open, so you have to live there or be dropped off. We played and swam at the beach from 1-4pm. We probably could have stayed longer, but it was a cloudless day and I wasn't sure if we were getting too much sun. We also had a 45 minute drive home. It was so refreshing to have a "normal afternoon."

Tuesday we found a new place to go and ride our skateboards and scooters. Tuesday was also Cinco de Mayo so we decided to grab ISLANDS for dinner.  When we arrived we were 5-6 in line.  By the time we pulled out, with our food, the line was 3-4x as long! It was totally worth the 30 minute wait.

Wednesday the art teacher, at the girl's school, is doing a weekly drawing class via Zoom.  Both Lily & Ella are really enjoying this! This week they worked on drawing animals. We also were able to FaceTime with my grandparents who recently got iPhone's - that was so great to see them!

Thursday at some point during the week the kids pulled out our old Canon camera and some small video camera's of Jake's. They kids have been recording episodes to "Animal Wonders" - a show they have created and are having a blast recording! Love seeing the creativity each week as we are finding new things to do at home. Lily also received a Flat Stanley of her two teachers so we stopped by Lewis Farms for a photo and some gift cards.

Friday Jake took off of work. He was the substitute teacher for the day - Happy Mother's Day to me! As always Benny is creating new things with Lego's - today it was a parrot.

Saturday the kids and Jake started sprucing up the playhouse earlier this week and on Saturday we got out an old can of paint and let THEM paint it. That was fun!