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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Our 12th Anniversary

We're back from a night away to celebrate our 12th ANNIVERSARY.

A sweet friend of ours said she'd watch the kids, we asked her early June, so we could do an overnight date for our anniversary. It was so nice to have uninterrupted time together. Dates have been minimal, like one, since COVID-19 happened. We have had two other times we needed a sitter: (1) to attend a 40th birthday dinner party and (2) to attend a funeral. We were very thankful for an overnight DATE!

Our sitter came Saturday around 1pm. Jake booked us a room at The Waterway at WB. We headed there to park the Jeep and then we took out the paddle boards, borrowed from other sweet friends, on the Intercoastal Waterway. We did paddle boards a few years ago for our 9th anniversary as well. Later that evening we walked across the bridge to Poe's Tavern for dinner.

Jake's pick - Rue Morgue

We went for a walk after dinner, then sat at the intercoastal side for awhile and also over on the beach. After sunset, we grabbed ice cream. Saturday morning we tried paddle surfing - we are no good. We had a wonderful brunch at The Famous Toastery, but we forgot to take pictures. Afterwards, we drove to Trails End to park and try the paddle boards around Masonboro. Meg may have taken the scenic route. It was hard work fighting the wind, the changing tide and the boat's wakes, but we had fun.

Still full from our brunch, we enjoyed coffee at Bespoke that afternoon and were home by 4:30pm to squeeze our kids and hear all about the fun they had with Miss Jessie! What a blessing she is to our family.