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Monday, July 27, 2020

summer learning

Do you remember how we usually have a summer plan at our house? Well, this summer WE ALL needed a break. However, I did want to make sure we did TWO things:  (1) lots of reading and (2) keep up on our math facts.  I decided we'd use the library's summer reading plan, with the free coupons, to spur on reading.  Then Jake & I talked and we decided to do a multiplication challenge for Lily & Ella to know their times tables from 0-12.  Super proud of BOTH the girls for doing AWESOME at both summer reading and completing their multiplication tables.

Lily completed the multiplication challenge on July 7. This was review for her as she learned her times tables during 3rd grade. The review was still a challenge for her. 
I assigned an amount they would earn for each number. For instance the 2's were only $.25, but the 12's were $2. In total, they could EARN $10 plus a pack of gum once completed. This incentive worked well for both girls.

Books read from Tuesday at 4pm to Friday at 11am - WOW!

FREE insomnia cookie - thanks to NHC library

Ella completed her multiplication challenge TODAY - this was a big challenge for her as she had only done grouping through 3's. They had just started 4's when we went to all online in March. So proud of her!