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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend In Minnesota

Yup, this is Easter in Minnesota!
I had to shovel 4" or more off our driveway on Saturday morning.

I went to Mom's Friday night & Saturday to help her get everything ready for Easter. We made lots of yummy food. I volunteered to set the table. I love doing that!

Mom had scrabble pieces out & Dad has made some Easter "inspired" phrases. I was trying to think of a way to use them. I decided to put them in the parfait's with the candles.

We had words like:

Cross, Atonement, Grace, Mercy, Forgiven, His Love & Life.

Even though it was cold & snowy outside, we made it look like spring inside.

We had to use 2 tables to fit all 16 of us.

It was such a great time. The Rathbun's & Dickenson's came for Sunday lunch. Both families used to live in PA with us.


I love setting the table, too! It was almost my favorite job and now that I'm married, we actually get to use our wedding china. It's so fun.
okay, I'm glad I don't live in Minnesota!

The scrabble words on the Easter theme is a neat idea.
Hey, that is what it looked (looks) like here!
I love the scrabble tiles! What a great idea.
cute table stuff, Meg! You're amazing as usual =)