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Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday Night Project

I made this cornice board for Jess & my sliding glass door back when we lived at Oakwood. Since moving this summer it has been wrapped up & sitting in our garage. My current place doesn't have a sliding glass door. I am starting to weed things out before moving to NC. Well, a few weeks ago Jess asked if I was going to keep it. I had actually been thinking who might want it. Thursday night we tackled the remaking of the cornice board.

Our door at Oakwood was 9 feet & Jess only needed a finished length of 79". Here I am taking the old fabric off the end we are going to chop off to make it shorter.

We borrowed Liz's truck & took it to Dad's garage. Dad is measuring twice & cutting once.

Then we took it to Jess's place. Jess is taking out multiple staples to get the old fabric off.

Reattaching the end.

Reinforcing. . . sometimes I get a little drill happy. :)

Chatting while working.

I love my drill!

Jess deciding which side of the fabric she wanted to use.

Ta-da! The finished product. Looks gorgeous! We are going to hang it this weekend while Jake is here. Mounting it on the wall isn't the easiest thing to do. It's easier with extra hands & help. I am so glad that Jess can use this! We're keeping it in the family. ;)


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Don't you HATE when people try to advertise on your blog!!!

Anyway- That's looks so good. Good fabric choice, Jess! Cute drill pictures too!