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Monday, March 10, 2008

My Friend Beth

Thursday night I went over to Jason & Beth's for dinner & then stayed to help Beth finish Jonas's room. Beth & I love doing projects together. We typically don't meet for coffee, mainly because it's hard to do that with 3 kids. We just make coffee at one of our houses & go to work. We do love taking day trips to Buffalo; we need to do that again SOON.

Here is Beth working on hanging some art.

Me & Kate supervising the hanging of the art.
(Beth's youngest who is ONE today! Happy Birthday Kate!)

Beth & I don't have any pictures of us. Time is ticking til I get married & move to NC. We had Jonas (who is 4) take our picture. This was hilarious! Jonas was sure he had us in the picture, but the camera was pointing VERY low. Beth & I kept squatting lower & lower to get in the picture.

Beth & I with her & Jason's 3 kids. Jonas & Ella will be in Jake & my wedding along with Morgen & Carsten (Jake's niece & nephew).


I LOVE that you love coffee, too. I totally get razzed by all my friends for being addicted. But there's nothing better.
sweet post. sniff. sniff. Would you stop talking about moving to NC already? :)