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Sunday, April 13, 2008

A BIG Surprise!! My First Bridal Shower

Saturday night we had our FBCS varsity girls basketball party. We had the party at the Nystrom's. Mrs. Nystrom made TONS of good food. Then we watched the MACS championship girls game which we won back in February. After the game was over Mrs. Nystrom announced that we were going to do something else--a bridal shower! They totally surprised me.
(which Jess & the girls are VERY proud of)
Amanda, Me, Steph & Shelby (sophomore girls)
More of the girls (8 of the girls couldn't come)

SOOOO many gifts!
Me & Jess -- "Coach"
(as pronounced with a THICK Minnesotan accent)

Our Crate & Barrel Pitcher

Unwrapping. . .

I received many gifts.

Thanks girls, you were so generous! Thanks to Jess & Mrs. Nystrom for planning this party. Thanks Mrs. Nystrom for hosting it. I am going to miss you all next year, A LOT.


That is SO fun that they surprised you like that! ;) What fun times...enjoy!
Super fun! Now get ready for the onslaught of hand cramps that come from writing thank you notes. :) haha