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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Every Sunday after church we have family lunch (most times at Dad & Mom's, sometimes out to eat & sometimes at Lindsay & my place). Sometimes it's just the 4 of us (since Emily is in Charleston) & sometimes we have other people over. I look forward to going to Dad & Mom's every week. Family is the best!
Me & Mom

The new kitchen floor that was installed Wednesday.

Me & Lindsay

Funny thing happened yesterday afternoon. . .I was in my parents room with the Twins game on mute, while talking to Jake. My mom brought me a big cup of hot coffee. I went to set it on Dad's dresser & somehow knocked it over. It made a HUGE mess. All over their wood floor, the walls, some on their bedskirt, all over me, some went inside of Dad's drawers. After using lots of towels to clean up the mess, it ended up being funny. We just threw all my clothes & everything else in the washer. It was all dried in time for me to put back on & wear to church that night.