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Friday, February 20, 2009

SMELL. . .one of the simple things in life.

We love our fondue experience at The Melting Pot.
I decided to try it at home. It worked out really well & was so yummy. That SMELL of melted chocolate (with a spoon of peanut butter in it) is intoxicating!

Jake gave me these lovely flowers for Valentine's Day.
If I could, I would constantly have fresh flowers on my dining room table. They SMELL so good & brighten up the room.

We had our first fire, in our fireplace, on Tuesday night.
We used to have our TV sitting on the hearth, in front of the fireplace. I love that SMELL of a wood-burning fire.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I have sent out Valentine's religiously for the past few years, however, I am taking a year off. Life has been a little busy here in NC. SoOo. . .here is my electronic valentine to all my family & friends that i love & miss GREATLY.
"we love Him because He first loved us."
I John 4:19

Saturday, February 7, 2009

So Long to a Good Friend

My car, affectionately referred to as "the grape", DIED on my birthday--Friday morning, January 16. I went to start it up & nothing happened. Then I tried again & the car "started," but it was screaming (kind of sounded like a train and like it might blow up!). I turned off the car, took the keys out & it still sounded like it was running. Very strange! It didn't totally shut off for 5 minutes. Then when Jake came to pick me up, something was still running, so he unhooked the battery.
Jake & I decided that the car wasn't going to last much longer. Instead of putting more money into it, we decided to sell it AS IS & buy something else. Jake listed the car on Craig's List just a few days after it died. Today, it sold!

I am so sad to see it go. We have such fond memories. . .
  • Being rear-ended multiple times-too many times to recall. This car just wouldn't die!
  • Being falsely arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.
  • Surviving MAJOR hail damage this past May. After the hail damage, "the grape" became "the raisin."
  • Driving away from Jake & my wedding and taking the car cross-country to NC.