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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Romantic Get-Away

Jake & I decided to take advantage of a free Friday night (no basketball games!). We celebrated my birthday (1/16), our 6 month wedding anniversary (1/26), and Jake's birthday (1/28). We both worked a half day on Friday and headed to Myrtle Beach. We got a great rate at The Grand Marina, a four star hotel. The hotel was very nice. We went to The Melting Pot for dinner Friday night. Neither Jake nor I had ever been there; we loved the fondue experience. The food is amazing!  Here I am enjoying the fondue. 
We ordered The Big Night Out.

One more thing. . .when I got home from work on Thursday night this was on the table.
Jake "made" me a cake! He decorated it all by himself. 
What a sweetie!


We're jealous. A night away would be so nice. And we Melting Pot's "The Big Night Out" once. It was so good!
That cake is adorable!