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Monday, September 26, 2011

mini cone cupcakes

Below is how I made the mini cone cupcakes that I posted HERE.

I must start by saying that this is not my original idea. I saw a picture of these HERE, but there were really no details. It wasn't hard to figure out. I used a box cake mix. Once the cake batter was mixed up, I filled up my small creamer (from my sugar & creamer set) with batter. I used it to carefully poor the batter into the mini ice cream cones. This worked well; it was tedious but fun. I do not have a piping bag or set - definitely will be asking for one for Christmas. You could just pipe the batter into the cones to avoid the mess. I filled up the cones a little over half way. If you fill them too full the batter will pour over the sides of the cones. I put the filled cones into a glass 9x13.

Carefully put them in the oven. Bake at 325 until the cupcakes are done (I think it took 18 minutes for mine, but my oven does not run hot.) Make sure you have a qualified supervisor!

Let them cool completely.

I bought two pieces of floral foam. I then sprayed the tops of them with the Glow in the Dark spray paint (see previous post). I covered the edges with ribbon & used straight pins to keep the ribbon in place. BEFORE FROSTING - use wooden kabob skewers to poke in the bottom of cone & then into floral foam. Leave room in between cones & do various heights.

Like I said, I don't have piping supplies. I do however have an old (antique) cake decorating set. I used the metal writing tip. I cut a small corner off of a ziplock bag, place the tip inside the bag & then taped the tip on the outside to the bag. It worked fine. I wanted buttercream frosting. Found a recipe HERE. I ended up adding a few ounces of cream cheese to the frosting so it wasn't so sweet. We are picky with frosting at our house. Mix it up & start piping.

Once they were all frosted, I put them on a sheet pan & placed them in the fridge so the frosting would set.


So here's where the story really gets hilarious (sorry this post is SO long). My sister, Emily came up for the weekend. Jake was gone Wednesday to Friday to Myrtle Beach for a Teacher Convention & then he left right from Myrtle Beach & headed to Atlanta for a basketball coaches clinic. So thankful Emily came up.
The problem - we had to transport these, that is another reason why I put them in the fridge I wanted them to harden up for the car ride. I drove, Emily held the pan. I was breaking (slowly) for a red light. Emily went to reposition her hand & we lost half of the cupcakes into the dashboard! I had not brought any extra frosting with me. Immediately Lily started chanting UT-OH from the backseat (and kept chanting for miles). Emily & I just started laughing. What can you do but laugh?

Thankfully there was only ONE total loss.

Once we arrived at the Attoe's house, I touched up the frosting & then we ended up putting them in the freezer for a few minutes. Some of them had fallen thru the stick from the car ride as well. In the future, I would do the assembly (sticks in the cupcakes & frosting) once we get to the location.