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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Before & After - PATIO

This is a picture of our covered patio before we moved in.  As I have posted about before (& before). we are in the process of redoing the whole exterior of the house.

We are hoping to turn this into a screen in porch this summer. This weekend Jake decided to tackle the pallet wall in the patio.  It turned out BEAUTIFUL! This will tie in with our pallet ceiling on our front porch.

A dart board I have had for years....looks great out here.

New lighting.  The best part is that they were $5 each at Lowe's.

New paint on the doors.

Oh....and while paint was drying on the doors, Jake decided to whip up this beauty.  It is going to hold our dvd player in the playroom. 

I have another project that I finished this weekend.  Stay tuned!

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