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Monday, January 19, 2015

a room for TWO

Since we moved into our MASTER SUITE two weekends ago, the next phase was to move the girls into our old master bedroom (see this post for the original before pictures). Lily & Ella have been sharing Lily's room since early this summer so they have already been experiencing the fun of sharing a room. This was always the long term plan - for them to share a room & eventually be in our old master bedroom. The girls moved in the middle of this past week & they're super super excited!

I spotted these multi-colored stripes almost 2 years ago & I knew I wanted to do this once the girls were in this space.  The picture even had the colors I wanted to use.  The stripe colors were in Lily & Ella's baby quilts that Mom Flaming made.  We also already had the paint from previous rooms & projects. We added the pink stripe for fun (and Lily loves pink)!

A little reading area

I just love having their clothes organized & in one spot.  Since this summer, Lily's clothes were in her room & Ella's clothes were in her old room, which became #kboy's room from October thru December. It was a crazy mess & hard to find things.

Saving money....

Jake just finished framing this art today.

We had this picture blown up for the girls birthday party.  We've been saving it ever since their party for their new room. This post was our inspiration for making this art.

I'd say it turned out pretty cute!

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