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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Before & After: Master Suite

It's been a long road of remodeling to get to this point (and that's a huge understatement).  We are finally almost "done" remodeling our home. The laundry room still needs some love.
Jake has been working so SO hard to complete our master suite. He has come home every day after school, since early October, and headed to the back to work (mainly to tile). I am so thankful for him, his hard work ethic, his desire to learn, his fearlessness when it comes to trying something new & doing it.  Our master suite has turned out amazing!  Yes, there are still some little things that need to be done (touching up wall & trim paint, caulk in a few places, etc...) but we are moved in!

 We snagged these chairs & the above art on our IKEA trip.

Jake is planning to build us a pallet bed in the near future.

Remember these night stands? So glad we are finally using them.

The ceiling Jake did is so beautiful.

Remember this dresser?

We also picked up these wardrobes at IKEA.
Notice the step up into the master bath on the other side of the wardrobe. Ignore the can of stain.

 This bathroom turned out AMAZING!

We used the existing cabinetry.  We revived them with a fresh coat of paint in a great color & glass hardware. 

This fan will be fabulous on those hot summer days when you start sweating as soon as you step out of the shower (especially after a hard workout).

Our butcher block countertop & backsplash.

More pictures of the awesome shower that Jake built. 
We exposed the exterior brick wall & painted it with pool paint to prevent moisture & mildew.

Linear drain & river rock floor

Toilet Room

We also got this sink & vanity on our IKEA trip.

We still have a few WANTS on our list to cozy it up back here (drapes, a rug under the seating area, throw pillows on the chairs, possibly new bedding, art & accessories)....but those are wants, not needs. We are loving our new luxury get-away.

Master Bedroom Paint Color - Valspar  Swiss Coffee  7002-16
Master Bathroom Paint Color - Valspar  Azure Snow 5001-1A
Toilet Room Paint Color -  Valspar  Woodlawn Silver Brook 5001-1B
Bathroom Cabinet Paint Color - Valspar  Blue Twilight 5001-1C

Where are the Before & After pictures, you asked? I guess I should warn you before I post all the BEFORE pictures....this area was an addition to the original home.  At some point, the previous owners added a 2 car garage, then they transformed the 2 car garage into a master bath (entrance from one of the bedrooms in the house) and a hair salon (with an outside entrance). Here are the before & after pictures:

BEFORE (the salon and notice behind me & Ella is the door into the half bath for patrons)

AFTER (the master bedroom)

BEFORE (to the left was the time machine tub; I can't locate that picture)

AFTER (this is the same corner)

BEFORE (the toilet room; we put a doorway in to the left)


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Look amazing. You are quite the remodel team!