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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Birthday Party at CMOW

A little background....
Last fall, Lily & Ella entered a coloring contest at The Children's Museum of Wilmington. Life lessons were also learned while entering this contest like: (1) it's okay that your younger sister copied your idea of what to draw (2) do not get frustrated when your picture isn't perfect and do not scribble all over the top of it in your frustration (3) Mom is still going to make you enter the picture even though you scribbled on top of it (4) good thing Mom MADE YOU enter your scribbled on drawing since you WON a birthday party for 20 friends!! (5) it's difficult to be happy for your sibling when they WIN, and you did not, especially when they copied your idea

ALL that to say, Ella WON a birthday party, for 20 friends, at The Children's Museum of Wilmington. All we had to do was bring the food & drinks. We had the party on Saturday morning. Ella picked a unicorn theme and the activity of painting a canvas.

Canvas painting was first, followed by cake & snacks, then lots of time to play!

 Costco cake. Watermelon. Popcorn. Pretzels. Water & Juice.
 Lots of time to play at CMOW!