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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Minnesota Vacation: part 1

On Tuesday, June 26, we all flew Spirit Air from Myrtle Beach to Minneapolis. SIX people. SIX tickets. ONE flight.  It was awesome! One car ride to MB airport. One flight. We were there!!

Wednesday morning we met the Otto's at the park.  NC friends met VA friends in MN.  Go figure!

There was lots and lots of reading.  Lily & Ella read to Grandma and Grandma read to them.

We also had lots of "tractor" (ie. lawn mower) rides from Grandpa.

Thursday morning Grandpa took us to Valley Pastries for donuts.  The kids even went in their jammies. Go nuts for donuts!


What a special trip, Meg! Is that book I see called "Tuttle's Red Barn?" Darling! It's always great to see pictures of your family!