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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Lily - 8th Birthday Party

Saturday morning, Lily invited 4 school friends to come over to celebrate her 8th birthday, only 2 were able to come. It was so fun getting to know her friends better and it was really just a simple play date, which is what Lily asked for - yay!

Jake & I decided that our kids can have "friend parties" when they turn 8 & 16.  Hopefully we planned this out well that we won't have 2 parties in the same year.  This year was special circumstances since Ella WON her party, but man, it about did me in having Ella's birthday, Ella's party, friends here visiting, Ella's graduation, Lily's birthday, Lily's party and then Father's Day. Yowza! I was partied out and planned out and gift idea-ed out.

So back to the party. 

We had tote bags (ie. summer library bags) and fabric markers to decorate them.
We played at our park behind our house, per Lily's request.  She loved showing her friends where to find rolly-pollies and all our frogs.  A few weeks ago we went back there and found 100's of tadpoles. Now they are itty bitty frogs. It's been really fun!

We came home and cooled off with snacks (popcorn, chex mix, watermelon) and decorated our bags.

 It was such a fun morning and I loved the simplicity of it!