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Saturday, December 22, 2018

A Sugar Cookie Party

We had friends over Friday morning for a sugar cookie party.

Thursday morning, Benny & Wren helped me make the sugar cookie dough.  We did one batch regular and then died the other batch green.

These two even helped lick the bowl and wash the dishes!

Our friends, the Meshaw's, came over at 9am Friday morning to start the sugar cookies. There were 7 kids and 2 moms. Everyone was very creative and enjoyed themselves.  It's pretty amazing as the kids get older and can really help with these types of activities.  In fact, a few weeks ago we made peppernuts and the kids rolled ALL the dough. 

After the cookies were baked and cooled, we went on to decorating.

Brody made a cookie pizza, complete with cookie pepperoni's!

I should've grabbed a picture of all of the kids, but we (and the house) were covered in dough, flour, icing and sprinkles by the end and I completely forgot. The Meshaw's have been home, on furlough, since July.  We have loved having them nearby, reconnecting and rekindling friendships. They fly back to their ministry in Africa on December 27.