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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Look who's THREE!

Wren turned THREE today! I've been asking her, for weeks, what she'd like for her birthday breakfast, dinner and dessert.  We let the kids pick on their birthdays. Her only answer was "cake." Every time, "cake." So we had Jewish Apple Cake, with some healthier modifications, for breakfast. Then I made an executive decision to do breakfast for dinner.  Breakfast is Wren's jam.  She loves it and eats seconds and sometimes thirds.  So we had eggs, bacon, hash browns and banana bread for dinner.
What a gift this girl is to our family.  Her smile is contagious. She is sweet, spunky and down right hilarious at time.  We love you, Serenity Mae Flaming!

Three year old STATS:
36" tall
26 pounds, she's a peanut