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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Day 2018

There is something magical and very exciting celebrating Christmas with your kids.  Our kids were so excited and they were up EARLY.  We started reading the Christmas story, out of Luke 2, at 6:51am. We did make them wait, so we could start the coffee, before we started reading the Christmas story.

Christmas jammies in front of the Christmas tree.

A couple of Saturday's ago we split up and took the kids Christmas shopping.  Jake took Ella & Benny and I had Lily & Wren. The kids were supposed to buy their sibling's presents.  The weekend after the kids were asking me about getting Daddy a present and they had Jake take them to get me a gift.  Doesn't it seem like a parenting WIN when your kids remember others, and not just themselves, at Christmas time?!  Back to shopping for Daddy; Lily and Ella had a great idea - zip up jammies for daddy! 

Daddy was even a good sport and put them on for a picture with the kids.

After presents we enjoyed a nice big breakfast together.

We played outside in the morning and again in the afternoon,

Ella helped make the apple pie for Christmas dessert.  She did the pie crust all by herself.

We enjoyed our Christmas dinner - turkey, cornbread stuffing,  mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, corn, and crescent rolls.

Merry Christmas! Hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family time and celebrating our Savior's birth.