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Saturday, January 10, 2009

More fun to come!

I FINALLY took down our Christmas decor last night. We didn't get back from MN until late (a few minutes before midnight) on Monday, December 29. Then I went to work the following day and worked the week of New Year's. . . Hence . . . I was NOT up to taking down all the Christmas decor New Year's day or that weekend. It feels good to have the house all clean & all the Christmas decor neatly packed away (and crammed into a closet).

January is a full month for us! BOTH Jake & I have birthday's this month as well as my mom, our nephew-Carsten, my cousin-Luke, and a few of our friends as well. We'll also celebrate 6 months of marriage! I spent some time today writing birthday cards & getting things ready to send. I also decided to put some birthday decor on our dining table since we'll be celebrating for 2 1/2 weeks!


hey, i had those candles when we first got married. IKEA right? : )
Yeah, the white holders are from IKEA. The "Happy Birthday" candles are from Target. :)