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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Jake & I do not have a lot of storage in our condo. There is a hall closet, no linen closet and then 2 small closets in each bedroom. I have tried to utilize every space available including under both beds. At first, it was quite a challenge to find a space for everything. I was used to having a garage at my old place and large closets. We had to use the space under our built-in desk in the living room.
I hated having the fan & paint cans under the desk, but there is no other place to put them due to size. I have been wanting to do the following for MONTHS, but i finally got around to it this weekend.
I bought a cheap tension rod at Home Depot. I used metal rings with clips (which I already had) and some super-cute tea towels (from Anthropologie) that i had received at one of my bridal showers. Love it! I wish I would have done this months ago.

So much better.


yay! thanks for posting... good work!